Monday, 2 November 2015

Tenby Harbour and Lifeboat House -Stage one

I have started work on a painting of Tenby including the harbour and new and old lifeboat houses. here is the stage I am at presently.

Getting a clean light colour for the houses can be problematic if you aren't careful. Always work clean ie. clean brush clean mixed paint. Also if you are mixing with white to obtain a tint of the hue ie. a lighter version of the colour, this can alter the colour you want and will also alter/ reduce the chroma of the resultant mix. Titanium white is quite opaque and can be disappointing when used for mixing. I do use it and have not used flake white for at least ten years (it is highly poisonous being a compound of lead). I am not enthusiastic about mixing white although it is less opaque than Titanium white and I use it sparingly. Anyway enough technical stuff experience and a good book on mixing can sort out any problems.

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