Friday, 9 October 2015


The above painting is of Amroth and went a good few years ago.  A nice spot on the Pembrokeshire Coast. Alex and I changed our paintings in the gallery yesterday and then I cut and primed a dozen boards. Today we have visitors and I am on kitchen duties! I may get a chance to start my new work?

Anyway walking Jac this morning I wondered a very strange thought, if they made a film of our lives who would play us? Now I know no-one would make a film but it is interesting to see which actor or actress (or are they all actors now?) you would choose.

I guess for myself I would go for Bill Nighy. Who can play the quiet, retiring, dry gentleman. Of course that's probably not how other people see me.

For Alex I 'd probably pick Rachel McAdams the girl next door.

For my brother it would be Oliver Reed if he were still around, wild, womanising, artist, writer, traveller 3 ex wives (my brother that is). As for the rest of the family it would be safer to let them pick their own.

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