Wednesday, 28 October 2015

David Cowdry

We had two of the grandchildren yesterday. We decided to be creative and take them to see David Cowdry's Exhibition at Aberglasney.

The eldest who is 10yrs. was very interested, the younger more interested in her chocolate pudding for lunch. Anyway it is as always a great exhibition and good to see David. The exhibition is on until next Thursday 5th November.

As we came out of Aberglasney we came through the shop and Alex started looking at things picking them up and putting them down. The children and I looked at each other and went out to the car.

As we left her in the shop the eldest turned to me and said,

"Granddad is it a good idea to leave Nanny in the shop?"

"No probably not." I said, (a sentiment re-enforced when she came out with numerous boxes and bags 10 minutes later).

Later Alex spent a couple of hours with them making Halloween Pumpkins. So a creative day child sitting.

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