Saturday, 17 October 2015

Blue Sky

I had a customer ring up the other day and specified that a picture should have "Blue Sky" now there is nothing unusual in that in fact the majority of my work has blue sky. I think people probably find a painting more optimistic if it has a sunny scene. I mean who wants to look at something dour? Would you want the Scream by Munch on your wall?

Anyway I do do moody skies and winter scenes occasionally for a change. I did the one above this week it is a very loosely painted composition using an old number 10 brush and a beaten up 0 water colour brush for the couple.

Yesterday morning Alex went out with her Mom I dropped them off in town and Alex said she would ring for a lift back when they had finished shopping. I went home looked in the larder to see what to cook them for lunch. In the end I decided to make some more carrot and coriander soup. I had a little remaining from the day before but not enough for three. I merrily chopped more carrots coriander and added stock to the previous days remains. After it had simmered for twenty minutes I decided to use the blender. I usually use a stick blender but decided to blitz it in two goes in the standard blender. Can you see where this is going? I did the first half and left it in a jug. I poured the remaining soup in the blender and turned it on!

Yes for some unknown reason the top came off and hot carrot soup deposited itself everywhere. Over me over the kitchen over the floor over some  of Alex books and diaries, the ipad etc.. Jac crept out of the kitchen and I stood there counting to ten. It took me half an hour to clean everything up including myself. I then had to make more soup.

Of course the irony was at half past two I still hadn't heard from Alex or her Mom so I phoned. When Alex answered I heard the rattle of cups and cutlery.

"What time are you coming home for lunch?" I said.
"Oh we decided to have lunch in town, sorry I should have told you." Alex replied.

Count to ten!!!

Went to watch the Scarlets beat Leinster so that was a good end to the day.


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