Monday, 21 April 2014

Southhaven - Skomer Island

With recent posts about Skomer Island it reminded me of the times Alex and I would anchor in Southhaven watching the puffins and seals. I knew I had done a little watercolour from the boat and eventually found an image of it. I can't remember who bought it or when but I know for some reason we framed it and it went. Anyway there it is a view looking out to the entrance of the Haven.

I did some work on my current commission yesterday and hope to finish it today. I was held up a bit as I noticed that the board I had prepared had a slight defect which I hadn't seen until it had received 3 coats of primer with careful sanding in between. There is no point going ahead and hoping the paint will cover it. Start again with a sound surface its the only way.

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