Thursday, 3 April 2014

True Grit

The above painting sold this week. It includes a bottle Alex dug out of the garden when we lived in Brecon.

I have been busy painting today and then popped to see my mother this afternoon.

When we were away we made friends with Kas and Gloria a couple from San Fransisco. They were a lovely couple quiet and unassuming, although when pressed they had plenty of interesting things to talk about.

Kaz had been a Navy Flier. He had flown jets off a carrier during the Vietnam War. He told me that the "hairiest" time for him had been during the Cuban Missile Crisis (for those of you old enough to remember it). They were at sea in bad weather with poor visibility going out on patrol, returning to land on the carrier with the deck rising and falling 25 feet. It was he said, " a controlled crash". That for me is True Grit. I have palpitations landing in good weather at Cardiff on a Charter plane.

Link; is by Highs High Open Season

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