Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Wall

Okay well it has happened I have hit the wall. This is musically not artistically fortunately.
I have been having piano lessons for 10 weeks despite having no previous experience or ability.
I practice rigorously. Well yesterday it happened. I had a lesson. I was playing most of the right notes in the right order but was told, "It was bland!"

I am glad my teacher sugar coated it for me or I could be offended. To be honest we are very good friends and I was not in the least bothered by the disclosure. I am bothered by my ability but that is another thing. He asked what the time was and counting to the rythm. Counting I have enough trouble reading the music for both hands then playing the notes never mind anything else. I would need another brain to do that. ( I am sure there was a film called the man with two brains).

I can compare it to painting so I do understand the issue. It is the difference between copying something (blandly) or showing the world how you view things through your eyes. However loose brush strokes and fluidity must, (in my view) follow at the least a basic understanding and practice of technique.

Anyway I will persevere. Anyone who knows me will know that not much will stop me trying and very little will put me off unfortunately for the neighbours.

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