Sunday, 13 April 2014

Mixed bag

Its about ten years or so since I last painted Llandeilo Church and to be honest I wasn't that chuffed with it. In fact it never made it to a frame. Yes we all have failures. The important thing is to recognise it and to learn from it. In this case it was the composition. Anyway a couple of months ago I had a few minutes to spare and wandered around the churchyard until I got an idea in mind for a good composition.
Yesterday I thought I would go for it. There is the start I have done some pruning ie. A tree has been left out and I have yet to decide on a couple of gravestones.
Events saw me curtail my painting and that is as far as I have got.  I am however reasonably confident it is going to be ok.
Yesterday saw the first skylark of the year wonderful song made my day. Good to see a few bumblebees in the garden.  Last night I went to the rugby, bit of a mixed bag Scarlets won but a few players went missing in my opinion.

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