Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Towy Valley from Paxton's Tower stage 2

This is the second stage of my painting. You can see I am roughly bocking in the fields and castle.
I suppose I have the advantage of knowing what its going to end up like (hopefully). This is just the first layer but it is taking shape.

I mentioned we were in the South of France last week. Well Alex and I were walking around Arles I was taking in the lovely medieval streets and the spectacular Roman Ampitheatre. It was a sunny day and I restrained myself from asking to do a sketch when Alex popped the question:
"Is there anything interesting to do in Arles?"
What could I say I was stumped.

It reminded me of our youngest daughter. I believe it was one of our first holidays abroad in a hotel (previously we had been camping in France). The hotel in Limassol was a dump with cockroaches in our bedroom and dirty stagnant pools outside our window but I digress.
Our eldest two were allowed to stay by the pool but we took our youngest with us exploring the island and its ancient monuments. We arrived at a spectacular ampitheatre overlooking the sea and our daughter came out with:
"Not another ruin!"
Like mother like daughter?  I wouldn't argue with either of them.

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