Saturday, 26 April 2014

Rain and rebuke

I went shopping with Alex yesterday afternoon. She had been working in the garden and done a terrific job but needed more compost and grow bags. As we left the house it started to rain cats and dogs. We got to the garden centre and she chose 3 grow bags and 3 large compost bags which I duly loaded on to the trolley. She then changed her mind and I had to unload the compost bags and put 3 different ones on. This was all outside and of course the bags were a. heavy and b. wet. By the time I finished and manoeuvred the trolley inside the front of my trousers were soaking. It looked like I had had an age related accident.

We then went into town and parked. We went to the post office to get my bus pass done. We had the form, photographs, passport but no we needed a utility bill! We did get a couple of nice pans to replace some rather dodgy ones at home. I then left Alex to go to the butchers for a steak (nice treat) and next door The Waverley Stores to pick up her organic veg box. I said I would walk back and get the car to pick her up to save her getting very wet. Having walked back to pick up the car then driven through town to park she was nowhere in sight. I went in the Waverley I made some innocent comment about her talking and not being ready. This earned the response:

"You know sometimes Mark you are a pleasure to go shopping with."

Actually I am not sure about the "sometimes" bit and I have the sneaking suspicion she may have been a bit sarcastic.
(To be honest I admit I am not kean on shopping).

 Anyway Alex made a lovely steak dinner and it was washed down with a ten year old red wine.

The rain was like stair rods and it reminded me of a painting I had done of the Sarah Siddons Pub in Brecon 25- 30years ago. It was in the rain with light shining out onto the pavement and onto people passing. I don't have the painting now or an image of it so I used the one I did of "A Number 56 bus in Union Street, Birmingham in the 1960's" which is kind of similar. (This painting is in my own collection which is not for sale).

I am stewarding in Origin this morning.

Link something from the 1960's

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