Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Dylan Thomas - Boathouse Laugharne

Well after a false start ( I had to redo a board due to a defect) here is the fisrt stage of my current commission. I layout in free hand with a brush and turps the rough boudaries of my composition. For those familiar with the area you should recognise this is going to be the Boat House Laugharne.
The benefit of using paint and turps are that;
You don't get dirty graphite mixed into your clean oils
The lines are quite clear but can be painted over easily
It is quicker to loosely paint in the composition and you cut it down to the bare essentials
(I do use pencil on odd occasions to layout but horses for courses!)

I could go all the way and lay in all the tonal values with the turps but that is quite sufficient for this painting. I could have laid a ground over the work had I wished to reduce the contrast and have the benefit of harmonizing the colours but I was happy to go ahead with the white primer.

We have some of the grandchildren today. Now who would sit them in front of the television to entertain them, err I confess while Alex is out I have taken advantage of this excellent learning tool. What could be more educational than Scooby Doo?

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