Sunday, 27 April 2014

A New painting of Llansteffan

I have started a new painting of Llansteffan. I intend having a few more people in this scene and to include some of Llansteffan Green. I thought about having a centre band of ochre ground but opted for a white start in the end.

Above you can see I have blocked in the main subjects quickly in (genuine) turps (not spirits) with burnt umber and also ultramarine. The brush I used is mishapen and missing two thirds of the bristles this stops me getting too picky at this stage.

Here I have done the sky including a jet's trail or two. I have also started to add the second layer for the trees castle etc. Should finish it in a couple of days now.

Last night Alex and watched the Disney Film "Lone Ranger", totally different to the original series, but I thought it was brilliant. Don't take that as a recommendation my sense of humour is very dry, but yes I thoroughly enjoyed it and Johnny Depp as Tonto was outstanding. 

Link Got to be Quantum Jump

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