Thursday, 24 April 2014

Carmarthen Church

I donated the above watercolour painting of Carmarthen Church to a local charity to auction.
We support a couple of local charities and have donated paintings to others on an adhoc basis.There is obviously a limit to what you can donate and we set a limit each year albeit we have gone over that limit at times. I have not really considered why we do it. It is not for any religious reasons although it may be based on humanity. We don't claim any tax benefit. Maybe it just makes us feel good or assuages a guilty conscience? I know a number of artists who donate work regulary to good causes so we are not alone in this.
Of course there is always a risk in donating a painting for auction in that it attracts a derisory amount, which would be a marketting disaster. Fortunately this has never been the case. The above painting sold very well and I am told there was a good fight for it.
That reminds me I have a painting to do for a Cardiff Charity that was requested last year, its not required until Sept but that will fly around! Must find a "post it"!

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