Monday, 14 April 2014

Llandeilo Church - one days painting

Everything is a bit chaotic at the moment. Even this morning Alex told me at 7am to go and help our daughter who had been on her way to work and had a puncture. I was thinking about saying , "Heh, your the engineer," but common sense prevailed. In any case I wasn't feeling that brave. When I got there our son had arrived and was already removing the wheel so it was all in hand.

Anyway I managed to get some painting done yesterday. I have loosely blocked in some of the painting of Llandeilo Church. I have also started a bit of detail of the church tower. I am more interested in the tonal values (the shades of dark and light) in this painting than the colours although they are both important.

Off to the gym now then some painting and then plant some of the veg patch hopefully.

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