Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Towy Valley from Paxton's Tower first stage

Having repainted the ceiling in my studio and removed all the stored items I can now start painting again.

I decided to do the view of the Towy valley from Paxton's Tower I have been thinking about it for a while. I am using a 24 ins x 17ins board I have prepared. I have used a brush with turps and burnt umber to draw a rough outline of the parts of the composition. I moved the bridge slightly to the left after initially painting it. Anyway it looks rough and it is but it is going to be fine.

When we go away Alex does the packing. Only she knows which 2 dozen pairs of shoes she is likely to need. Anyway she can be frugal when it comes to me and she put a new blade on my razor, left the spare blades and took a small sample toothpaste. Okay fine but when I came to use the razor on the first morning the blade dropped off down the plug hole! She tried to retrieve it with a pair of tweezers but it just dropped out of sight and I had to disconnect the trap under the sink to get it!
The toothpaste was all air and no paste! We walked into Touscon and found a pharmacie. I didn't know the word for toothpaste but found a tube on display albeit I didn't understand all the words.

"Here we are Alex," I said no problem and started to get out my euros.
Alex looked at me sadly shaking her head and said,"Why are there pet things all around it?"
Err yes she was right. I  had found the dog toothpaste. We then found a tube of sensodyne with the human items!!
A pretty close shave.

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