Friday, 11 April 2014

Navigationally Challenged

The above sketch is a medieval fortification on the Rhone that I sketched as we passed it on our recent trip. We met  some really nice people although you always get the odd one who is an embarrassment to the country or hiuman race for that matter.

There was an elderly English couple (Colonel and Mrs Blimp) who I noticed sat having lunch one day when the waiter came along to ask if they needed anything, the woman (I can't say lady)  never muttered a word but pointed at her empty glass and waved her hand at it  presumably dismissing it and the waiter. He picked up the glass and left. I took notice of them and witnessed similar bad manners over the next few days never giving a please thank you or even an acknowledgement that the staff were of the same planet. (Come the revolution they would have been first against the wall, or for the guillotine). Anyway every dog has its day. At the airport they were in the same queue as us to get through the gate to board the aircraft. There was a call for priority passengers and they immediately went out of the queue and marched to the front. They showed their boarding cards to the non plussed French Officials who promptly showed them the back of the queue. Made my day!" "Vive La France!"

On the other hand we sat with a great bunch. One night a couple asked Alex if she would like a trip on on another river cruise. Alex replied she thought she would like to go down the Danube as it looked spectacular and in any case we had never been to Portugal!

Stunned silence.


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