Sunday, 5 January 2014


Okay well I haven't done any painting this weekend. Yesterday was a full day and today we visited my mom and put the Christmas decorations in the loft.

"As we are doing that," says Alex,"Wouldn't it be a good idea to top up the insulation in the loft?" Great well to be honest it was a good idea but crawling around laying fibreglass roll is not my idea of fun. I succeeded in not putting my foot through any of the ceilings and only banging my head once on the timber trusses so I guess that was a result.

I have managed to make progress with my Pochade Box as seen above. I didn't follow any plans but I have seen a few. I wanted one that would take my own primed boards as well as canvas boards.This will take either 3 canvas boards 10ins x 8ins or one primed board and one canvas board 10 ins x 8 ins. I have yet to fit a securing stay to keep it open when required and also a securing catch to keep the box shut when required. I may make a fitting to attach it to a tripod but I will see.

I visited B&Q the stay was about £8 and a latch and plate was something similar. As I have only spent £6.99 so far and used odd hinges and bits from the workshop I am reluctant to spend that so will look at alternatives.

Looking out of the window I am not sure that a pochade box and painting outside is really a good idea currently!

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