Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Girl in the mirror

The painting above is of Alex and is not for sale. It has obvious references to A bar at the Folies-Bergère paintied by Manet during 1881/1882. The figures are reversed and naturally my wife is better looking. I enjoy the work of the impressionists by and large, particularly Manet. On the whole my least favourite is probably Monet. His lilly pond paintings do nothing for me truthfully. There again my work probably wouldn't appeal to him so that's probably honours even.

I probably like Manet because he was fairly unique in that he bridged the two styles of Impressionism and Realism. In many ways my work flits between the two. I also have in the past undertaken an homage to Dejeuner sur L'Herbe by Manet and also Olympia.

Anyway not so long back we had someone in doing work for us and he asked, "Who were the two women in the painting?". Okay well I thought it was pretty obvious but maybe it isn't especially if you have little knowledge of art.
Its still one of my favourite paintings!

(Actually the title above, Girl in the mirror is the title of one of Picasso's works which I once did a large version of and hung in our kitchen for several years).

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