Thursday, 9 January 2014

Finished Pochade Box

Okay I have finished my pochade box and decided to mount it on a tripod. I remembered I had an old laser sight I got from Lidls years ago. I bought it to tile 2 bathrooms but gave up with it and went back to a plumb line and spirit level.

The tripod seemed ok and the sight had a good round plate attached to the tripod. I removed the sight and plate. Fitted the plate to the bottom of the box with marine grade nuts, bolts and large penny washers. The tripod now screws onto the box easily and comes to waist height on me with no problem. I put two lengths of wood either side the bottom of the box so it can still be placed on a flat surface if required. The palette that slides in and out is held in whatever position by 2 little wedges. I experimented with the stay on the left outside of the box to get to optimum position. Added the fittings and varnished it! It all cost just over £10 mind you I had all sorts to improvise from. The fittings (except the hinges) I got off the internet for a couple of pounds. If you haven't lots of odds and ends for the box then it would probably be just as cheap to buy one but then you can't tailor it to your own requirements.

Is it any good? Well it seems fine and the total weight of box and tripod is about 6 lbs. My other outdoor easel the Julien is 13lbs empty. It is a good easel mind but you dont want to lug it too far from the car. The pochade box is for taking with me on walks.

So I will try it out and let you know if it was a good project.

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