Sunday, 12 January 2014

Lisa Simpson

I called in at our son and daughter in law's house today. I had the chance to look at a painting I did for them of two Brixham trawlers a few years back. It was based on a painting that had been in the family for generations which they liked. The painting was by a French artist and was undertaken at the turn of the begining of the last century. Anyway thats my version above set on the entrance to St. Annes Head. There is more light in it than the original and more viridian in the sea.

Little did I suspect when I married Alex nearly 40 years ago that I would end up with Lisa Simpson! She came home this morning having had a sax lesson, (yes sax with an "a"). The amazing thing is she can actually play it. The only thing is I think the boats at St. Annes Head can hear it as it has the volume of a fog horn when she plays it.

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