Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A day at the beach

So yesterday Alex and I took Jac to Pembrey Country Park. The forecast was pretty bad but we had our coats. First priority was to take Jac on the beach. It was a real chilly wind. Jac had a great time though racing through the surf and then rolling in the remnants of a dead seagull! Great!

After a bit of soup I went and chanced a painting. I tend not to notice the cold when I am painting and have spent a good deal of my life outdoors anyway so am used to it.  Of course the inevitable happened the heavens opened, rain, hail but by then I had most of the painting done so it was pack up and run for it. The view I chose was looking towards Burry Port with Llanelli in the distance.

Today I am seeing someone about a commission and then we have some of the granchildren.

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