Saturday, 11 January 2014

A Beautiful morning

The path up through the woods was very muddy and slippy this morning, but it was worth the effort. The valley was peering through the mist and the sky was a pale blue with patches of pink.

I stopped to listen and look across the valley. You could see the green of the traffic lights at the roundabout by Morrisons, the red lights of cars going up into Llangunnor Estate and the red light on the top of the police radio mast was prominent sticking out from behind Llangunnor Hill.

Another great start to the day.

I mentioned before that I made two New Years resolutions. Well the second was to undertake a new challenge. I decided to attempt to learn the piano. This would be no mean achievement as I have no musical ability whatsoever. Ican't play anyinstrument adn can't read music. I am also pretty well tone deaf, okay well actually tone deaf. Anyway I am quite disciplined and if I decide on something I will give it my best. So I have started to learn! I have borrowed an electric piano and have had my first lesson.

The other day I was practising "Imagine, by John Lennon". I was muddling my way through it trying to get my hands to do what my eyes were telling the brain to do. It seemed to be going okay-ish if not a little slow and halting. I stopped when Alex brought me in a cup of tea.

Alex said, "God that's really good, your getting on really well but isn't it a bit late for Jingle Bells now?"


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