Sunday, 9 June 2013

Car Boot Sale

I was asked the other day about sketching. A lady wanted to know how to go about drawing or sketching. She didn't have time to go to classes and hadn't done any art since school. I suggested just buying a cheap A4 and or A5 sketch book plus a couple of pencils (2b , 4b) and getting on with it. Keeping the subject as simple as possible. Keep the picture uncluttered and perhaps use only outlines to start. Later they can be coloured in with watercolours if she wished.
Look at other people sketches everyone is different.

The little sketch above is a good example of what I was trying to say. The subject is a dealer at the Carmarthen Car Boot Sale. The outlines probably took me 3 minutes and the same to add a bit of colour. All very simple but it captures the scene.

I quite like going to car boot sales. It is a bit like a child with a treasure map. You are always on the look out for that bit of gold hidden amongst the debris of other people lives. Of course most of the time you come home with one more bit of useless junk you don't really need.

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