Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Rapeseed Field

This morning Alex and I had to take a trip to Cardiff Airport. Somehow I ended up with a gentleman trying to tell me his life story in real time minute by minute. Now I know I am not very sociable but I do enjoy a conversation but not however a monologue. I had never met him before and I was probably the only person left in the world he hadn't told his life history to. In the end I found an excuse to move and left him turning to some other poor unfortunate victim.

Anyway on the way back I saw two scenes that I thought I must get down on canvas.

Artists/painters can be generally categorised as either a tonal painter or a colourist. Tonalism itself is a name given to an American art movement. Painters may be more interested in the colours or the tonal values in a painting. For my part I tend to be more interested in the tonal values.

However today I saw a rapeseed field on the way back to Carmarthen. The yellow field went to the horizon and met a blue grey sky. It was stunning. The scene is all about that meeting of yellow and grey. I got home and painted it. There it is above verging on abstraction but not quite.

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