Saturday, 8 June 2013

Still Life and Food as I know it

The other day we went out for an evening and had an interesting meal. Now for starter we had a salad course. I like salad. I have never had salad without at least one of the following: tomatoes, or beetroot or spring onion, or apple, or avocado, or nuts, or cucumber. This salad was a small pile of rocket leaves with a dressing and a few pumpkin seeds?  I appreciate I am not up with the latest food etiquette but for me it was a bit too strange. The meal got stranger as we went on. It was all nice but just a weird mixture of courses like a cheese board before dessert. It could well have been a theme but I am not sure for what. Anyway I won't say where it was, as we have eaten there before and the food was fine and in any case probably other people thought it was fine too. I suppose I am just a boring stick in the mud where food is concerned. It may be food but not as I know it.  Bring me prawn cocktail, soup in a basket and I am happy!
Oh and a glass of wine or two.

The still life painting is one I did a few years ago.

Link a bit (sorry a lot) annoying but ...

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