Tuesday, 4 June 2013


I have talked about the Venice Biennale previously. We have been to Venice in fact when the Biennale was on but felt our time was better spent enjoying the sights and doing some sketching for paintings like the one above.
I know it is questionable to be critical of something you haven't seen but if you don't want to do something why do it?  For example I have never seen the Sound of Music (and don't intend to either).

Anyway just to prove a point I was listening to the World Service at about 3.30am the other morning, (no, I don't sleep much). A poem came on that originated from the Biennale. I won't quote it all for copyright reasons (and also I can't remember it all) but it went something like this:

" I don't want a new car,
  I don't want a big house.
  I don't want flashy clothes.
  I don't want a big yacht.
  I don't want any material things.
  I just want money!"

I was quite amused so maybe I was being a bit too judgemental but there again maybe not. As the quote goes,

 "Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement."


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