Saturday, 15 June 2013

Llangennith Beach

The painting above is the first stage of a painting that went this week. I don't have a photo of the final work for some reason. Anyway it was a scene of the Gower Worms Head from Llangennith Beach. Much of the underpainting is still shown here and the sky is a work in progress. I was pleased with the final result but seem to have forgotten to photograph it.

Alex and I went to Cwmderi in Pembrokeshire for a meal last night. I have to say I haven't had a better meal out for many years. We have had great meals and different meals. We have been lucky enough to dine at expensive restaurants such as the Ritz on a few occasions and at many recognised establishments. Some were good, other's occasionally disappointing, overstated (and overpriced). Going on my experience last night I can say for taste and value Cwmderi is superb if you like Italian Cuisine.
(You need to check opening hours as it is generally open in the day but only Fri and Sat in the evenings.)

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