Thursday, 6 June 2013

A quick sketch of Alex

On Tuesday Alex and I went to Cwmderi Vineyard. We took the camper and had lunch in the restaurant. The food was excellent and very good value. A 3 course meal for £13.95 each. I should add we had a bottle of wine as well. We then retired to our camper to read and enjoy the afternoon sunshine. I took the rare opportunity to sketch Alex while she was comparatively still.
To get the right angles on the face it is often easier to draw a series of short straight lines and smooth them out after if necessary as is the case above.
Last night Alex went out with her mother for a meal with her mother's friends. There was a traditional Welsh Dancing Display which they both joined in and Alex was asked if she would join the group. I have to say she is a very good dancer so I can understand why. I think she would look good in Welsh National Costume so I will keep you posted!

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