Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Milk Cow Blues

Here is the finished painting of Marloes Beach. The rocks are amazing and are great for the composition.

This morning Jac and I met the cows coming out of milking. As we got onto the top road they were coming back down the lane onto the field. Not normally a problem. Today however there was one white heifer or cow however that had got one on her. She insisted on following Jac and I along with four or five of her posse or crew. Getting within 10 yards she would break into a trot at which point I would turn and go towards her shouting. This did the trick a couple of times. However having a 1660lb cow bearing down on you is not for the feint hearted or even the strong hearted to be honest.  Although  she stopped and ran back each time she soon resumed her harassment and she persisted in her behaviour all the way to the cattle grid some 300 yards. I confess I was quite pleased to say my farewells to her at this point.

Link;  The musselwhite family band and

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