Sunday, 16 June 2013

My Viewpoint

I have two viewpoints one literally a physical place and one a place in my mind. I will explain more. On my daily walk I stop and look over the valley take in the scene, the smell, the sounds and let it permeate into my mind. This view point is a gap in the hedge on Penllanffos overlooking Cwmoernant Farm.

My other place is a non existent place. I was privileged to practice Shotokhan Karate until I was in my 40's. I was trained under a number of Sensei however my first Sensei had the greatest impact. He was more interested in the mental process of Karate than the physical. Don't get me wrong we physically trained very hard but having a clear calm mind under all circumstances was an ongoing objective. Not easy when someone is trying to take your head off. I digress. During the sessions and particularly at the end we were required to relax, clear the mind and go to a specific place in your mind. I am still able to do that. Despite many many difficult situations I never suffered from stress in my work with the police (some may say I may have caused a bit!). I believe that this training had much to do with it.

Anyway the watercolour sketch above is my viewpoint. When my time comes I would like to have my ashes spread there ( hopefully not for a while). Of course there are no guarantees and sods law says the ashes my family are given will not be mine but Mrs. Jones of 27, Heol David Lloyd George and my ashes will be buried under a bench in the garden of 27, Heol David Lloyd George. I guess I would find that quite funny.

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