Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Coffee Time

I do not drink coffee I do drink tea.  The last time I had a cup of coffee was about 8 years ago although I had given up long before that. Anyway some 8 years ago we were in a restaurant in Bristol with our family celebrating s family event. I had quite a nasty headache. Fortunately our daughter is very knowledgeable as regards medical issues and advised me to have a cup of expresso. As I say I didn't drink coffee and as far as I am aware I had never had an expresso before. I readily accepted her advice and drank the vile tasting brew. I have to say that within minutes my mild headache was gone. It was replaced by a migraine that hit me like a train. I had to leave the restaurant with Alex guiding me.

That was definitely the last cup of coffee for me.Give me a hangover any day!

Why I bring this up is Alex occasionally enjoys a cup of coffee and the other day I noticed she had bought a new jar with coffee granules in it. So when she asked for a cup of coffee I naturally used this new coffee. The problem was the granules didn't dissolve and merely floated around the top.
I pointed this out to Alex who responded, "You idiot those are toasted crumbs for my puddings!"

Anyway obviously many people enjoy coffee and the painting above is of 2 gentlemen enjoying their morning capuccino or whatever in Hay on Wye.

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