Saturday, 22 June 2013

Pembrokeshire Meadow

We were away in Pembrokeshire on Thursday. On our walk we took the dog through a fantastic meadow in  probably about 2 acres of wild grass and flowers. I can just remember my biology lessons form 40+ years ago. The grasses can be identified by the spikes or spikelets at the head of the stem. I remember and could identify cocksfoot, the oat grasses and Poa after that it gets a bit hazy. Anyway it was a field of diverse British nature unspoilt, with dandelions, purple and white clover, buttercups, a miriad of grasses bounded by a hedge of oak, hawthorn, ash and beech. To top it all the hedge had magenta foxgloves pushing through the the top. As Jac ran through the tall grass clouds of seed exploded around him giving off wonderful smells. Then we were treated to flocks of goldfinches feeding on the flower seeds and moving in unison in a wave motion from one part of the meadow to another. yes a magical day.
Yesterday we were in the gallery so no painting done. Today I have to prime boards (and watch the rugby) as I have a couple of paintings to do next week.

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