Friday, 28 June 2013

A tale of two artists

The other day I was contacted by a lady regarding a post that I had done in 2010. The post was in relation to a very fine impressionist artist Clive Richard Browne.  Judy was a friend of Clive and corrected me on some of his details. He was in fact born in Keelby and was very much a Lincolnshire artist not a Norfolk artist. It is always nice to get feedback from my blogs and it is always surprising what they unearth. Clive is very much an under valued artist with little information available about him or his work. His work is in the National Collection as well as County Galleries and yet his works sell for next to nothing. I bought a painting of his purely because of the brushwork, composition and pleasing nature of the work. I found the signature afterwards. The painting is shown above.

Okay so where am I going with this? 

It is quite possible to buy a quality painting for very little if you know what you are looking for and are not interested in a "name".

Secondly lets have a bit of realism here. I have been to exhibitions where new artists have gone to a lot of effort to show their work but have absolutely no grasp on the realities of the commercial world. Possibly because no-one has given them appropriate guidance.
I have gasped at prices of £5,000 - £15000 for paintings that could have taken less than a day to paint by completely unknown artists. Somehow they are surprised and disappointed that they don't sell. 

Now lets be fair Members of the Royal Academy who are well known and are collectable rarely charge that much. Ken Howard a lovely impressionist painter for example has work available for much less than that.

If they were to take my advice it would to ask a fair day's pay for a good piece of work. Compare yourself to any other skilled person, plumber, plasterer but not of course a banker.

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