Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Cultural Differences in language

Children are like sponges and absorb everything. This is mainly a good quality although it can have its downsides. For instance where they are influenced by different cultures. Now two of our children have spouses from Ireland. Naturally enough the grandchildren pick up and copy what they hear. This can be disconcerting and confusing for them.

Now and again they may hear the Lords name taken in vain in this country. Not really an issue. Should anyone dare to do this in front of their Irish grandparents they are likely to get a boxed ear and be given a severe admonishment.

(Now I appreciate a boxed ear is absolutely taboo and history has shown that banning physical chastisement of children has resulted in a perfect paradise of well behaved youths and a non violent society! That is unless you happen to live in the real world not the Eutopia of Liberal life that never has to leave the comfort of their cocooned existence or get the last bus home at night). Sorry that was getting a bit controversial.

Anyway on with my cultural theme. It is not acceptable to take the Lords name in vain in one side of the family, or Irish Sea, but it is quite normal and acceptable to say "fecking hell!". Hence the issue when the little granddaughter walks into the kitchen at home and says "Mommy there's fecking water on the floor!" What can you say to a confused child?

The mother and child in my drawing are of the artist Marie Vigee Lebrun and her daughter Julie who experienced  very different cultures, The French Revolution and the comparative safety of Russia, Austria, Italy and Britain.

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