Saturday, 26 May 2012

Talley Abbey

This painting of Talley Abbey was one of three paintings we sold this week. It is a lovely spot and I enjoyed painting it.

This morning as I came over the top of Penlanffoss I could see the old house of Ray White on Merlins Hill. Ray White was the Chief Constable of Dyfed Powys. Senior Police Officers are just like any other Senior Executive in a large organisation. Some are inspirational others do what they have to do or less.
Ray White was immense an enthusiastic totally committed leader. He was pleasant, a real gentleman who took the trouble to learn everyone’s first names. He did expect you to work and gave you plenty of it. He was very challenging. I think you have got the point that I thought he was great.
Anyway one thing you didn’t want to do was embarrass him (something I unfortunately did once but that is another story). Well the story goes that a young office was appointed temporarily as Ray Whites Staff Officer. The staff officer’s job was very trying. He had to make appointments, arrange transport to venues, do endless research and accompany the Chief Constable to meetings taking notes etc.
On this one occasion in London there was a meeting of all the Chief Constables. The staff officer made all the arrangements and went to the meeting with the Chief. The Chief was dressed in his black and white tuxedo with bow tie, as the staff officer had informed him it was a black tie “do”. Of course the inevitable happened. The Chief made a grand entrance into the room to find everyone else in lounge suits. He may as well have turned up in a chicken outfit. Whilst the occupants of the room may have found it amusing I am assured Ray White did not and made a hasty exit.
The Staff Officer didn’t get the job.
If you get to read this Mr White I hope you take it in the manner it’s meant. You were inspirational and highly regarded.

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