Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Ain't no mountain high enough ~ Marvin Gaye

Here is another of my watercolours from Norway. This is the spectacular view of the mountain overlooking Flam.

The other week I went to a talk on the life and work of Rolf Harris. Now I don't often go to talks but I was tempted as I admire the man greatly. A great communicator and a very talented all round artist even though he is not regarded by the Art Hierarchy seriously. Perhaps that's why I like him?
Anyway the talk was mainly about his life and very interesting it was. Unfortunately when it came to looking at a critique of some of his works and his working methods there were some factual inaccuracies.  I admit I was tempted to say something for a brief moment but quickly thought better of it. What would have been the impact of doing this? Would it have added to the enjoyment of the listeners? No probably not. Would it have improved their knowledge ? Yes possibly. Would it have embarrassed the speaker? Yes. So I said nothing and ignored the minor inaccuracies. I enjoyed the talk as did the rest of the audience. Unfortunately some people have to have their input at a talk or exhibition without considering the impact. For them it is not about the talk or exhibition it is all about "me" whether they realise it or not.

Yesterday I started an oil painting of the Beacons. Today I am stewarding in the Gallery at Origin in Carmarthen.

The link below is for Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrel "Ain't no mountain enough"

Enjoy your day.

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