Monday, 21 May 2012

Aberaeron Harbour dried out

I had enjoyed painting the watercolour of Aberaeron the other day so I set about doing another one today in a slightly different style. The result is above.

One son in law and our daughter in law are Catholic. This makes no difference to us except that when it comes to weddings christenings there are more formalities to be gone through. Sometimes this involves a group test. The family gathers and the priest asks pertinent questions. None of this is a problem but it can be a little surreal. You would actually expect the most knowledgeable to be our son in law and daughter in law. In practice this isn't necessarily the case. On one session I decided we could be there all evening so promptly answered all the remaining questions which to be honest weren't that difficult. The sort of level being, "How many wise men were there?"
Anyway on one occasion before a christening we were all gathered before the priest and he asked,
" Who is the father of Jesus?"
Now Maria was at this point mentally many miles away, probably sunbathing on a beach.
The priest repeated in a loud voice, "Maria who is the father?"
She jumped and said,"Well Martin of course."
We all fell about in fits apart from the poor priest and Maria, who hadn't any idea what had been asked.
In fairness to the priest he didn't give up but I think he realised it was a lost cause.

Alex has been doing sterling work framing and mounting prints today.

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