Friday, 25 May 2012

Constantine's Arch

The sketch above is of Constantine's Arch in Rome. We were discussing visiting Rome recently with friends.
We have had mixed experiences. We love Italy and Rome is full of historical interest not to be missed. I had the  dubious pleasure of learning Latin in school and most of it was about "strangely " the Romans and Rome. Actually "learning Latin" is probably an over statement but I did go to the lessons. I do however have a basic grounding of the history  of Rome and have as a boy ploughed through several volumes of Gibbons Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. So seeing the sights is for me a great pleasure.
What I didn't enjoy were the street cafes. Waiters with dirty shirts and filthy finger nails. Being charged exorbitant prices for a bowl of stale bread you didn't order or want. You also have to be very aware of pickpockets, beggars and thieves. The dirt and graffiti were everywhere so plenty of pluses but a few minuses too. For me Florence is far better fare.  A beautiful City clean and unspoilt.
Anyway yesterday I worked on a couple of oil paintings and today I am in the Origin Gallery for the morning.

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