Saturday, 12 May 2012

Lock on the Brecon Canal

I finished the painting of a lock near Brecon today. It is one that will be going to the Small Picture Show. I have been invited to exhibit and although it is a busy time for us I was unwilling to pass it up. It is a fine exhibition with HRH and members of the Royal Academy normally exhibiting.
A couple of weeks ago Alex and I were on a cruise heading to Norway. We went to for dinner and joined 4 other people on our table. We had never met them before but they were very pleasant company and the food was excellent.
As I was half way through my main course a lady to my right became extremely distressed and was saying, “Help him, help him.” Her husband by this time was trying to stand and was in real difficulties. He was clutching his throat and was obviously choking on something. I got up and went around to him and gave him a hard slap on the back. Nothing happened so I then gave him a very hard bag on the back. Unfortunately this had no effect either. In the meantime his wife was in real distress and he was losing consciousness. I then put my arms around him to perform the Heimlich Manoeuvre. He had I think lost consciousness at this point as he had slumped back into his chair and I had to lift him as well as give several strong squeezes of his diaphragm. This was to no avail. Meantime a man joined me and said to lay him on the floor. I ignored the advice. I am not sure if he had medical qualifications but he may have thought he was having a heart attach. I continued to perform the Heimlich Manoeuvre even though at this point I was having to hold him up as well. On the third set of pulls I heard Alex shout, “He’s back.” I felt him begin to move and placed him back on his chair.
Anyway alls well that ends well he recovered and although both he and his wife were in shock they were okay. They left and we continued our dinner.
I had never performed this manoeuvre before (although I have had to do emergency first aid on quite a few occasions) and I am sure there must have been someone in the room of several hundred people who were better qualified than I. I am just glad it worked eventually, as I would probably have felt responsible to some degree had it not. So Clive it’s a good job I remembered your first aid courses.
PS. nice to catch up with you Jen.

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