Monday, 7 May 2012


Alex and I were recently in Norway and the watercolour above is of the Fjord in Flam. Over the years I have experimented with many different ways of painting or sketching when travelling about. I have now got it down to the following methods. I generally carry an A6 Ebony sketch book which fits in a pocket and is good enough to take watercolour as well as for sketching. I tend to use this for sketches of about 4-5 minutes at most.
If I am going somewhere I know there will be good subject material like the fjords then I take an A4 ring bound pad of watercolour paper along with an Aqua pen a small plastic field palette of artists watercolours and an old no 8 watercolour brush. These fit in a canvas satchel and are light enough to be no trouble to carry.
Of course using them is the trick. I can now having had much practice stand and paint with the pad without too much trouble. The results will never be as good as if I took my Julien work box and easel which gives a reasonable stable surface to work on. However due to size and weight I only take the easel if I am specifically going to paint a certain view.
The watercolour above was painted standing with my pad and watercolour paints being juggled in both hands.The Fjords are stunning and we were lucky in that the weather was glorious. Alex and I have sailed in the Fjords and around the Lofoten Islands previously but as part of a working crew on a large sailing yacht so this was a more relaxing visit.
Today we had some very good news our eighth grandchild has arrived in the world.

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