Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Embarrassing Moment

Here is another of my watercolours from Norway. I looked out of the window early one morning and was greeted by the sight of Arlandsfjord and the above scene slipping by (we were on a ship at the time). I had to get it down in a few minutes before it was gone.
Alex and I met a nice couple half our age on the ship.. He was a car salesman and although he wasn't interested in rugby he was still very pleasant company!
I have quoted several of my most embarrassing moments on here previously. Well he told us his most embarrassing moment.
He had been a car salesman for 4 weeks and had done well. One day he took a brand new Corsa to a customer. It was for a very nice old lady. It had been bought as a surprise by her family for her birthday. Everything was arranged for the day. As he arrived at her house he pulled into the drive and was met as arranged by the lady and all her family standing outside with balloons etc. A colleague from work had followed him in his own brand new car to take him back.  Our friend got out of the car and walked across with the keys to present them to the assembled family and proud new owner. He heard a shout looked around and realised he hadn't engaged the hand brake. The brand new car rolled back down the drive with him chasing it. He watched it with horror as it  ran into his colleagues car which was parked across the bottom of the drive.
Alex is away at the moment helping out our daughter and son in law. So Jac and I are fending for ourselves.
Norma kindly dropped a plated dinner off for us yesterday. Today I am off to Tescos to find something very unhealthy for dinner.

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