Friday, 11 May 2012

People are Strange ~

The watercolour above is of a waterfall in the Fjord near Flam, Norway.

Some people are strange its a fact. When Alex and I went on a train journey for an hour up in to the mountains above Flam we were stunned by the scenery. I could hardly keep my eyes from staring out of the windows. Each bend brought different views of snow covered mountains, waterfalls and pine trees. I did spend a little time gauging the reaction of the other passengers which was for the most part in line with ours.
The really odd couple were a pair who sat opposite each other near us. They were probably near our age or a bit younger. They spent the whole time "playing" with their mobile phones. I am not sure what they were doing, texting surfing or messaging each other? They were 3 feet facing each other and looking at these mind numbing irritants. Why pay £some £60 for a two hour train ride and then ignore it?
Now I have to say that mobile phones do have their uses for keeping in contact. Orange text me about once a day which is nice of them. It is usually a bit of a nuisance as I have to either find my glasses or decide to leave it until later and then forget all about it. The kids got me a mobile one that has giant numbers so at least I can see to dial (? is that the right word?). It doesn't have a camera or internet or anything else , well I don't think so. Don't worry I can see very well to paint with reading glasses (I think).

Anyway had a good walk this morning. I have heard a cock pheasant a couple of mornings running and I popped my head over the hedge today and saw him sitting in a field. No one rears them around here as far as I know so maybe he is lost or just searching for a mate? Fortunately Jac hasn't cottoned on to him yet.

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