Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Morning Walk

I have said on many occasions that I enjoy an early morning walk with Jac our dog. I thought I would post a couple of watercolour sketches of the walk. On many occasions  there are horses in the fields at Cwmoernant. At the moment they are neatly attired in their winter coats. They always trot over to the path as we pass by. Jac is not too keen on them and hurries off to sniff someplace else. 
I dont paint horses as a rule only as part of a landscape and I am not interested in riding or hunting. I do recognise the beauty of the equine species however. My favourite painting is "Whistlejacket " by Stubbs which is outstanding and to my mind the most impressive painting in the National Gallery. Stubbs was a genius but you wouldn't want to ave accepted an invite to dinner. He kept disected horses, animals and I believe human remains for study (all without the aid of a refrigerator).

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