Monday, 28 May 2012

St Marys Church Burry Port

I did the above watercolour of St Mary's Burry Port today. The colours are quite autumnal. The Church was  built in the 1870's and is a major landmark in the area.

This mornings walk with Jac was superb. We had only crossed the culvert in Reservoir Road when I heard "little voice" above me ie Jenny Wren. Jennny was on a branch about 4ft over my head and repeated her song several times before we moved on.

(Of course "Little Voice" was actually a very good film starring Jane Horrocks but I digress).

Jac and I went through Blue Bell Woods to the accompaniment of Wood Pigeons, Black Birds, Chaffinches et al. In the top field were two Red Kites in the  cut grass basking in the early morning sun. I then spent a pleasant 10 minutes chatting to the herdsman who was waiting at the top for the milking cows to make there way up.

This afternoonAlex and I had to deliver an order.


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