Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Voice

I had to deliver work to Laugharne today so I took the opportunity to have a walk on the foreshore.
I notice Browns Hotel is looking very smart and hopefully its opening is not too far away.

One of our grandsons (the six year old) is quite in to "The Voice". Now Alex caught me singing along at breakfast this morning.  Not a thing to be recommended. I have an appalling voice apparently although it sounds okay to me. She said our grandson had been watching "The Voice " last week when Tom Jones team was on. Now I don't know if you have been watching the show but Tom has a couple who are a throwback to the Mommas and the Pappas or Peter Paul and Mary without Peter.
Anyway they came on and our six year old grandson said," Those dweebs are like Nanny and Grandad".

Well I admit I have been called a hell of a lot worse things in my  life but when Alex told me I nearly choked on my porridge. In fairness they can sing very nicely which is more than can be said for me (apparently).

 I am doing a watercolour this afternoon.

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