Sunday, 15 April 2012


Now I have been painting yesterday and today but it was for our daughter. Alex and I have been decorating and doing some DIY for them. It has been very enjoyable but non stop. They were kind enough to take us out for a lovely meal at an Italian Restaurant as a thank you.
The only thing i did have time for when there was to take Jac and there dog Paddy out. On one occasion I stooped to talk to a Lady who was gardening. We passed some pleasantries and she then said how beautiful the dogs were. I said they were but they weren't very intelligent .
To this she replied " I am neither beautiful nor intelligent." The lady had a very marked facial disfigurement.
I regret that I was unable to find the right words to say to her in response. To negate her remarks might have been taken as patronising. So I just ignored what she had said and continued with the conversation .Even now I am not sure what I could have said to make her feel better without risking further offence.
Sometimes it seems that there are no right words. I have had the unenviable take of breaking the news to numerous persons that their loved one has been taken from them. It is probably the hardest job in the world and other than being honest and empathetic there is little that can be said to counter the weight of the tragic news.
Anyway the picture above is from my sketch book and is another study of Cattle.

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