Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Old Harbour Tug

The watercolour painting of the old steam tug has been sold. I am very fond of old machinery whether steam powered or not. I am fascinated with how things work. As a boy I would  go to the Science Museum and watch the steam engines going around and wonder how hot air engines worked.  I liked to take things apart and if I was lucky I could get them back together in working order (although this wasn't always the case).
I once went around the Guest Keen and Nettlefold factory in Birmingham. At that time it was still making screws, threads and fixings in an old Victorian Building. I must have been about 12years old  but I was really interested. I would also go into the many scrap yards and be allowed to remove voltmeters,telephones and electrical surplus from scrap. I had quite a collection of gadgets.
Anyway knowing how things are put together is really an essential part of knowing them from an artistic standpoint. If you "know" them it is so much easier to paint them. Hence in addition to landscapes I quite often paint mechanical subjects be they vehicles, boats or occasionally an aeroplane.

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