Sunday, 8 April 2012

Llansteffan from Ferryside

The painting above of Llansteffan from Ferryside sold last week. I am probably having a painting free day to day , but then maybe not. I had an email form my brother today. Hi Tony I know you read the blog, Happy Easter.
He lives abroad and has had an interesting life being an artist, writer lecturer etc ... However this week I was reminded of one of his career opportunities that didn't work out too well. I was watching the Fisherman's Apprentice on TV.
It reminded me that back during the time of the Cod Wars my brother decided there was good money and adventure to be had on the deep sea trawlers off Iceland. All that may have been undoubtedly true. I just think there was a tiny little flaw in his thought process. My brother suffers from seasickness. If a boat was on wet grass he would be ill. So he spent a bad time confined to a bunk on a Deep Sea Trawler during gales off Iceland.
I have never been sea sick. I was somewhat uncomfortable when I had to dismantle the "heads" in a boat in a very lumpy sea however. Sea toilets or Heads can be quite easily blocked and if all else fails it is a matter of physically taking it all apart and removing the blockage by hand. Not a thing to be undertaken lightly. This can be further complicated if as in this case the heads is of the pressurised variety.  I leave the details to your imagination but it wasn't pretty.

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