Saturday, 7 April 2012

Little lies

The watercolour study of cattle is one I did in Harlech a few weeks back. Today I set about a painting of the Towy Valley in winter.
I admire honesty in a person. I am often asked for my view on a painting. I am normally honest to a point. I would never be unkind to someone if a painting was poorly executed but would try to be positively objective and if they asked for it give advice on how to improve it. In my experience however there are not that many artists who actually want your honest opinion. If they start becoming defensive then you know they only want positive comments and can respond accordingly.
Alex is a very honest person. She could never leave a car in a car park for 2 minutes without paying or park on a yellow line for even a second. The downside comes when dealing with people.
 If we are asked out to a function and we are not keen I may say something like,
“Oh I think we are out that night.”
Alex will immediately respond, “No we are clear that night.”
“Why are you kicking me?”
Small white lies do not exist in her world. My luck to marry an angel.

Link to Little lies Fleetwood Mac

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