Thursday, 5 April 2012


I finished the oil painting above last week. It shows a couple with their dog on Llansteffan Beach. One of the good things about the beach is that you can exercise your dog there all year around. In the Summer dogs are prohibited from the castle end of the beach but there is more than sufficient space at the far end to exercise your dog. We went to North Devon a couple of years ago and dog owners were made to feel like second class citizens. In order to get onto a part of a beach that allowed dogs we had to walk 4 miles most of which was on narrow roads without a footpath. In the meantime we were passing empty coves and beaches where dogs were prohibited. I can understand the reasons for reserving parts of the beach for children etc but there should be some consideration for dog owners particularly if they want tourists too return. Anyway well done Carmarthenshire County Council for sensible policies.
Today we called in to see the last day of David Cowdry's Exhibition and had lunch at Aberglasney. We also caught Andrew Evans (another local artist) who had popped in.
This afternoon I am settling down with a book or maybe I will do a watercolour?

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